How to use video marketing to promote your service starts with identifying prospect hot buttons.

My client’s goal was to interest prospects in visiting this daycare center.  As you’ll see in the video, it’s really much more than a daycare center.  How to convince prospects of that?  Of course, show it.

As you look at the video, see how we tried to deliver on the following tips.



Minimize zooms. Overuse of zooms is a common problem.  It makes your video look amateurish.  Even worse, it can make viewers dizzy. If you need to zoom in and out, go slow and steady.  And avoid zooms for a while.

Frame your shotsFill the frame with your subject.  You’ll notice how the interviews in this video fill the frame.  The tighter the shot, the more the impact.  If your interview is an emotional one, a tight shot is crucial

Minimize wide shots. Establish the scene, then get into the specifics. What are the specifics?  Whatever you believe helps show and tell your story the best.  

Show and tell.   In this promotional video, we coached the owner to make specific points, then we captured the visuals to bring those points to life.

Shoot from different vantage points.  Check out the different possibilities by walking around the subject of your video.  Also, consider how low angles can help tell your story.  Same for getting up high, shooting down.  


Coach the people you interview.  Many people feel awkward on camera or don’t come across effectively.  Review with them their most important points.  Remind them about the importance of letting their personality shine through.  How to use video to promote your service means capturing personal bests.  You want viewers to see the owner as “likable” and credible.

I’m happy to help you develop a video marketing campaign to build your business.  Bob Kaplitz,