Why do I need to get video for my website?

Prospects are more likely to watch video than read a lot of text.  Also, Google favors video in search because Google owns YouTube.  So more people will find you, and you’ll engage prospects more when they come to you.

I don’t think I can be comfortable on camera.  How can you help?

Many people are not comfortable, so I’ve developed several approaches that make clients comfortable.  I make it a comfortable conversation, capturing the personal bests of clients.  We then select the most compelling soundbites.  Of course, we can always fine tune by reshooting a question and answer.

How many videos will I need?

We recommend starting with three.  One introduces visitors to your website, the second provides important information about your field to show you’re an expert, and the third serves as a testimonial from a raving client.

What will I say on camera?

See it as a conversation.  I’ll ask questions about your story and the story about your business.  Most people are natural storytellers.  They tell stories every day.  My goal is to tap into your stories that show you and your business in the best possible light.

What are the limitations in how I can use the videos?

You can use the videos as you choose.  I’ll offer suggestions as to how to leverage the power of social media.

What are the payment terms?

Usually 50% paid upon approval of a short agreement and the balance on delivery of the videos.

Can I utilize you to voice over part or all of a video?

Yes, clients like the Four Seasons Resort and Club have used my voiceovers.  Even so, you should be the “star” of your videos.  The voiceover usually provides contact information and sometimes introduces the business owner or doctor.

Do I need to come to Dallas for the video shoot?

You’re welcome to come to our studio.  But it’s not necessary.  We use Skype to capture the stories of clients as well as testimonials about their products and services.

What if I don’t like one of the videos?

I’m committed to client satisfaction.  That’s why the planning.  Also that why we discuss what we shot before leaving your location, reshooting an interview or scene if necessary.  We tweak videos based on feedback we get from the client.  Since videos work 24/7 bringing your story to life, we’re dedicated to the clarity and persuasiveness of your video storytelling.

How do we get started?

The first step is to contact me so I can understand your needs, learn about your industry, and determine if you want to schedule a meeting.

And what can I expect when we start meeting?

Several steps are important.  It depends on the client’s needs, but this should give you an idea:

  1. Conference to learn about you, your company, and your marketing needs.
  2. Review your current marketing, future plans, and budget.
  3. Discuss the competitive landscape, including strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
  4. Explore your competitive advantages and how to communicate them.
  5. Discuss your story and how it brings your brand to life.
  6. Discuss your competitive advantages and how stories will communicate them.
  7. Decide who in the company we can feature and how much coaching they need.
  8. Consider how testimonials will reinforce your message.
  9. Map out a plan, including a calendar, shoot dates, dates to review videos.
  10. Discuss each video in detail.
  11. Implement.

Those are alot of steps.  What if I’m in a hurry to get the videos?

You’re not alone.  We frequently hear that.  So in some cases, we met that day and planned the first shoot the next day.  We know the importance of being flexible.  Having been a TV journalist for several decades, my life has been a series of hourly deadlines.  You couldn’t tell Walter Cronkite “Please wait!”