Developing a video marketing strategy to tell your story, differentiate you from the competition, and build your business.
Developing a strategy helps you focus on what’s crucial to your success.

It includes developing a mission, a North Star, so you’ll benefit from a clear sense of direction.

A mission drives what you do, how you do it, and what you shouldn’t waste time and money doing.

Strategy, which is based on the mission, drives tactics so we can develop a plan that includes goals and implementation dates.

We believe what gets measured, gets done.

We help you identify the first person stories that brings your strategy to life.

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Coaching so you’re comfortable on camera, connecting with viewers.

Our supportive approach builds on your strengths.
Most people love to tell stories, so we help you unleash the Power of Story.

We help clients overcome nervousness by turning presentations into comfortable conversations.

We measure progress in each session, whether focusing on how to connect with viewers on camera or in-person.

Clients have found our video critiques especially valuable because they can see where they’ve progressed and where they need to grow.

Implementation begins immediately so you can benefit from what you learn.

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We help you build your brand — the consumer’s gut feeling about your company — by understanding how customers want you to solve their problem.

We help you create a distinctive brand

that makes an emotional connection because you understand consumers.

We make branding simple because clear, simple messages help to build brands.

We help you develop a series of engaging, persuasive stories that bring your brand’s promise to life.

After all, a brand is a series of stories.

And video helps viewers see, hear, feel, and experience the power of your stories and brand.

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What’s Your Story?

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